Install 3rd Package in MikTex

Firstly, check README files, available documentation of the package, perhaps the beginning of the .dtx file to get installation information.

Installing a package available as dtx/ins bundle:

  • Download the content of the package directory. dtx is the extension of a documented source file, ins is the extension of an installation file.

  • Run LaTeX (or TeX) on the .ins file. This may be done using your editor or at the command prompt (latex packagename.ins). This would usually produce one or more files ending with .sty, perhaps some additional files. As you now have cls or sty files or the like, the remaining steps are the same like in the next alternative way:

Installing sty or cls files:

Create a new directory with the package name in your tex directory structure. With MiKTeX that directory might be

C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8\texmf\tex\latex\packagename\.

Copy the package files (.sty, .cls etc.) into this directory. Make the new package known to MiKTeX: refresh the MiKTeX filename database. To do this, click Start/ Programs/ MiKTeX 2.8/ Maintenance/ Settings (or similar) to get to the MiKTeX options, click the button “Refresh FNDB”. The installation is complete.

If you did not download the documentation already, you could get it by running pdfLaTeX or LaTeX on the .dtx file. Compile twice to get correct references.

Install style/fonts in TexLive on OSX

If yon got a package shipped with tree like this:

- fonts/
- tex/

You should firstly put the folder in /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/, there you store the 3rd styles/fonts. Now you need to rebuild the index (perhaps with root permission):

sudo texhash

Then create font maps, e.g.,:

sudo updmap-sys --enable is the font map you want your tex system to see. After enabling the maps, you should update your maps again:

sudo updmap-sys

Now your tex system sees the new installed fonts and styles.